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Russia: Philipp Kirkorov slams jury system

Kirkorov believes that the jury system needs to be revised

Philipp Kirkorov, the composer of this year’s Russian entry, has taken to Instagram to speak out against the jury system.

Kirkorov has stated that, whilst respecting the contest and its rules, he is saddened by the fact that the 21 of the 42 juries awarded no points to Russia whilst the song came 1st with the televote. He attributes this result to anti-Russian politics within the juries:

As a fan of this contest I am sad that a song, an entry and an artist like Sergey Lazarev @lazarevsergey was given zero points from 21 juries! When at the same time, the audience all over Europe voted for him with 3 points and above. 29 countries gave him 8, 10 and 12 points!! I really believe that EBU should reconsider the way juries are voting. Maybe take them down to 25%? Something needs to be done for Russia to take part again.

Source: instagram


7 thoughts on “Russia: Philipp Kirkorov slams jury system”

      1. There should be rules (if they already do not exist) for which members each television company should be able to pick:

        1st jury member: age 15-25
        2nd jury member: age 26-36
        3rd jury member: age 37-47
        4th jury member: age 48-58
        5th jury member: age 59-69
        6th jury member: age 70+

        I’d like to see six instead of just five jury members. Also, they should only have 25% of the power.

  1. Good god man get a grip the song was not all that . The public voted for the show spectacle which was outstanding . The song itself however was generic pap and the juries knew this.

  2. We all know Juries are voting in Political favor not about the songs. Get real you eurovision fans are too stupid to realize that this is a corrupt contest.

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