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Theme of the contest is "embrace"
Theme of the contest is “embrace”

The Junior Eurovision 2016 press conference was held this evening in Stockholm and big changes have been announced.

It has been announced that televoting has been dropped from the contest with the scores now decided by national juries. The points of the national juries are decided by 50% kids jury and 50% music professionals jury. Furthermore it was announced that talks are underway to bring a number of countries back to the contest and into the contest for the first time. Discussions are underway with Spain, France, Belgium and Germany.

Source: EBU

17 thoughts on “JESC’16: Big Changes To The Contest Announced”

  1. I’m pretty sure I won’t tune in for JESC this year… The EBU has changed this contest too much since Yakovlev were fired. What’s happening???

  2. I won’t watch JESC this year. But for me, it’s because of time issues. I usually go to dinner with my family at this time on Sundays, so therefore, I will most likely not be able to watch it. Bring it back to Saturday evening, please! 😛

      1. Spain, Estonia, Armenia, Germany and Belgium will soon be confirmed to Junior Eurovision on June 3, 2016, hopefully.

  3. -_- For me, JESC is getting less and less interesting. 🙁

    My suggestions:

    – Change the date to saturday from 19:00 CET – 21:00 CET.
    – Bring back the televote

    1. Ok, I understand. Here’s more suggestions.

      – Using ESC 2015 voting system
      – Not making the participants record the corresponding edition’s theme song
      – Using the original age range (8-15)
      – Allowing songs up to 3-and-a-half minutes
      – Raising the maximum number of performers onstage back to eight (8) once again

  4. I’m sorry to say that but there is only 7 confirmed countries for JESC 2016, it will not be interested if there is not enough countries.
    France (which is my country) has to answer the proposition, but I think that France will not partecipate to the contest because they don’t have a TV issue for this event.
    But if over European Westernes countries, Australia and Scandinavian countries partecipate, it will bring more competition and more suspence.
    Personally, I will watch in November because I really love the show, I’m not longer sure (it depends of the songs entry)

    1. Ok. I get it. Also, there’s one other thing you’ll need to remember in order to make sure JESC still happens in the future: #KeepJuniorEurovisionAlive

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