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17 thoughts on “JESC’16: Big Changes To The Contest Announced”

  1. I’m pretty sure I won’t tune in for JESC this year… The EBU has changed this contest too much since Yakovlev were fired. What’s happening???

  2. I won’t watch JESC this year. But for me, it’s because of time issues. I usually go to dinner with my family at this time on Sundays, so therefore, I will most likely not be able to watch it. Bring it back to Saturday evening, please! 😛

      1. Spain, Estonia, Armenia, Germany and Belgium will soon be confirmed to Junior Eurovision on June 3, 2016, hopefully.

  3. -_- For me, JESC is getting less and less interesting. 🙁

    My suggestions:

    – Change the date to saturday from 19:00 CET – 21:00 CET.
    – Bring back the televote

    1. Ok, I understand. Here’s more suggestions.

      – Using ESC 2015 voting system
      – Not making the participants record the corresponding edition’s theme song
      – Using the original age range (8-15)
      – Allowing songs up to 3-and-a-half minutes
      – Raising the maximum number of performers onstage back to eight (8) once again

  4. I’m sorry to say that but there is only 7 confirmed countries for JESC 2016, it will not be interested if there is not enough countries.
    France (which is my country) has to answer the proposition, but I think that France will not partecipate to the contest because they don’t have a TV issue for this event.
    But if over European Westernes countries, Australia and Scandinavian countries partecipate, it will bring more competition and more suspence.
    Personally, I will watch in November because I really love the show, I’m not longer sure (it depends of the songs entry)

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