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National selection for 2017
National selection for 2017

Germany has confirmed that they will be competing in the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest.

Thomas Schreiber confirmed the news to ESC Daily alongside the decision that NDR will not hold an internal selection process for the contest. In the run up to the contest NDR opted for an internal selection for the singer, with Xavier Naidoo being selected, the decision was strongly criticised and in the end Naidoo was dropped as the singer. Mr Schreiber confirmed that another selection involving multiple singers and songs is likely to be held.

To date five countries have confirmed their participation for next year.

Source: ESC Daily

2 thoughts on “Germany: Eurovision 2017 Participation Confirmed”

  1. Stop sending random girls! It worked with Lena because she’s very hot and many men across Europe voted for her but those gold days are gone: WE ARE NOT IN 2010 ANYMORE, PEOPLE, WAKE UP!

    We are very known for having the best metal bands in the world along with Sweden, Finland and Norway. We could make Avantasia or Haggard a dream come true, some symphonic metal could change the game in PoliticVision and its pop-all the same- standard songs.


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