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Turkey to return in 2017?
Turkey to return in 2017?

Euronews is reporting that Turkey are to return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017.

According to the pan European news channel, the Turkish national broadcaster TRT has given the European Broadcasting Union a written statement that they will compete in the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest. Turkey last participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, they then withdrew from the contest disagreeing with the use of juries in the contest. Over the past couple of years there have been a number of reports stating that Turkey will return to the Eurovision Song Contest. However none have ever come to fruition.

Source: Euronews

5 thoughts on “Turkey: Return To Eurovision in 2017?”

  1. They keep saying this every year. I won’t believe until they actually go for rehearsals.

  2. Seriously, turkey had always presented the best songs and they should come back next year, but we have to agree that the voting is unfair.
    After all, Poland only got 7 points from the jury, but over 200 from the viewers.

    1. Lol Poland gets so much because of the Polish people in Western Europe not because they were that good this year

  3. Turkey, Please come back! Greatings fron Lithuania. 🙂 I still remember one of the best songs We could be the same and Everywhere that i can also Dum Tek Tek and Shake it up Shikirim 🙂

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