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Semi-Final 1 Aftermath: the iTunes impact

Russia are making the biggest chart impact so far
Russia are making the biggest chart impact so far

In recent years, fans have been able to gauge the public perception of Eurovision songs in the aftermath of the semi-finals by looking at iTunes charts across Europe. The instantness of iTunes offers an insight into how the public votes across Europe may swing; and so, with this in mind, how have the charts been affected by last night’s semi-final?

The biggest chart impact has undoubtedly been made by Russia. Sergey’s “You Are the Only One” has entered the iTunes top 100 in 13 countries, the top 40 in 8 countries, and the top 20 in 5. Predictably, the song has reached number 1 in Russia, but is also currently number 3 in Estonia and number 5 in Ukraine.

Sweden have also made a noticeable chart impact. The song has been featuring in Spotify playlists since winning Melodifestivalen, but has noticed an increase in sales since last night. It is now in the top 100 in 8 countries, and has reached number 2 in Estonia. An impressive feat, considering that Sweden did not give a full live performance last night.

Other notable chart rises include France (who now feature in the top 100 in 9 countries), Austria (who now feature in 7 countries), and the Netherlands (who feature in 4). Whilst featuring in less top 100’s, the Netherlands have made a particularly interesting impact as they have reached number 1 not only on home soil, but also in Estonia.

With less than 24 hours having past since the first semi-final, it should be noted that this is a preliminary glance at the impact of Eurovision on the charts across Europe. It remains to be seen whether these current chart successes will continue to be so, and whether any songs from semi-final 2 will make a similar impact.

Source: esctracker

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