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Bosnia & Herzegovina: Expected To Make The Final

Head of Delegation feels the staging may not have been understood

The Head of Delegation for Bosnia & Herzegovina has spoken about the surprise of the delegation of not making the final.

Lejla Banović the Head of Delegation said that the entire team spent most of the night discussing the staging, the performance and the song. They feel that it is most likely the staging of the song that the public across Europe did not understand, she told N1 that:

We all agree that the concept of stage performances, many probably did not understand. We think it is socially engaged performance sent a message which is obviously not the most liked or simply not understood.

Mrs Banović went on to say that the delegation were expecting to make their way through to the final. Adding that they were surprised at Austria making it through to the final. The delegation is still in Stockholm with Dalal & Deen feat Ana Rucner and Jala performing at EuroClub and Eurovillage today.

Source: N1

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