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Russia: Jurors Periscope Themselves During Show

Russian jury Persicopes their votes
Russian jury Persicope their votes

The Russian jury has been revealed to have Periscope themselves as they deliberated on the songs in the first semi final.

The Periscope shows the jurors during the performances from the Netherlands and Armenia. During the Periscope a juror shows a blank score sheet of all of the countries in the semi final. However it is clear to see that the juror is voting up the Netherlands, but voting down Moldova and Hungary.

Russian jury voting
Netherlands is voted up, Moldova and Hungary voted down

Questions have been raised as to whether the Russian jury were allowed to stream themselves during the decision making process. Furthermore, the way in which the jurors are carrying out the process of judging the songs is also question with one juror seen dancing during a performance.

Watch the periscope session here.

4 thoughts on “Russia: Jurors Periscope Themselves During Show”

  1. Well, disqualification of Russia. This article states they film themselves. But I see pretty much the entire performance of the Netherlands when I watch the same periscope broadcast that can also be seen on youtube. Ask Romania how fierce the EBU is. It simply is against the rules and it is unprofessional. Russia is out.

  2. Whereas Russia participates, there’s a scandal. They have to be taught how to live by rules, so, I agree with Blowfish

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