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United States: Looking At Eurovision Style Contest

United States
Discussions are ongoing

Jon Ola Sand the Executive Supervisor has spoken about talks regarding the possibility of a Eurovision style contest in the United States.

At the press conference this morning Jon Ola Sand said that they were in contact with producers in the US to see if it was possible to stage a similar contest in the United States. The contest would change from countries to a contest between the states. The idea itself has not come from the EBU but from producers in the United States.

The United States would not be the first country to have a contest between the regions or states of their country. Germany currently holds the Bundesvision Song Contest between its 16 Bundesland, the contest has been held annually since 2005. While Russia currently holds a talent show searching for the best singer in the country, each of the 85 Federal subjects are represented by a singer.

Jon Ola stated that currently there are no plans for the United States to have a contestant in Eurovision. He added that unlike Australia the United States lacks the history of watching the contest and the existing audience.

Source: Jon Ola Sand

2 thoughts on “United States: Looking At Eurovision Style Contest”

  1. US must held own song contest, its name is Amcavision Song Contest which the US would join with Canada to held song contest together. ACSC would have similar format with ESC, but adapted according local sicon (situation and condition). ACSC would have age limit on 18 years old, unlike ESC at 16 due to being age of majority there. ACSC would present diverse songs in national languages of North America. ACSC would reveal true identity of North America. ACSC would also held song contests for children and teenagers. The purposes are give chances for minors to be in international music events and serve age-appropriate songs for minors. ACSC would have Junior and Youth versions. Junior is for artists below 13 years old and Youth is for artists below 18 years old.

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