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Sweden is represented by Frans this year (Source: Andres Putting)

SVT has confirmed that they will be competing in the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest next year.

The Swedish national broadcaster has confirmed that they will be using Melodifestivalen to select their participant for next years contest. The submissions window for the competition will open during the summer. Sweden has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest on 55 occasions and this year is hosting the contest in Stockholm.

Source: SVT

3 thoughts on “Sweden: Eurovision 2017 Participation Confirmed”

  1. Won’t be so thrilled with Mello anymore, I’d rather watch the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. At least, DR selects serious and good entries, “Heart Shaped Hole” was my favorite this year. SVT selects “Rollercoaster” and “Bada nakna”. There you go, the difference between Denmark and Sweden.

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