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Ukraine: Jurors State Their Favourites Ahead of Contest

Two jurors have stated their favourites
Two jurors have stated their favourites

NTU the Ukrainian national broadcaster has published a series of interviews with the Ukrainian jurors in this years contest where a number state their favourite songs.

Two of Ukraine’s jurors may end up in trouble having publicly revealed their favourite songs ahead of the contest itself next week. Both Maria Burmaka and Lera Chachibaya have stated their favourite songs, however they have not stated them in any particular order. The voicing of opinions ahead of the show has already seen Sweden replace Wiktoria with Lisa Ajax on their juror. Wiktoria was part of the Swedish preview program and had publicly been revealing her points ahead of the contest.

The following jurors have stated their favourites:

  • Maria Burmaka – Croatia, Serbia, Latvia, Sweden
  • Lera Chachibaya – France, Spain, Italy, Azerbaijan


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