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ESC’16: Kosovo and Spain Challenge Flag Rules

Basque flag is one of the banned flags
Basque flag is one of the banned flags

Kosovo and Spain are both calling for changes to the rules announced yesterday regarding flags banned from this years contest.

The rules released yesterday specifically ban the flags of disputed territories as well as regional or local flags on competing countries. Two flags which were specifically banned this year are those of Kosovo and Basque. RTVE of Spain has asked for the removal of the Basque flag from the list, the broadcaster has requested an explanation as to why the Basque flag has been banned this year.

Furthermore RTK the national broadcaster of RTK has questioned why their flag is not allowed to be seen at the contest. Kosovo is currently recognised as an independent state by 102 countries including 30 of this years competing countries in the contest.

Source: RTK & RTVE

6 thoughts on “ESC’16: Kosovo and Spain Challenge Flag Rules”

  1. You cannot go with flags that are not the flag of the nation itself. The basque flag is a province of Spain

    1. Hi Bart
      The Basque flag is not ‘a region of Spain’. The Basque flag, is the constitutional flag of the Basque Country or Euskadi, recognised as one the three historic Nationalities of the Spanish Kingdom by the Spanish Constitution of 1979. Actually the Basque ‘region’ is a loosely used term by some the media, which often refers not only to the referred nation recognised by the Spanish Constitution but also to the Autonomous Community of Navarra and the three provinces of Lapurdi, Basse Navarre and Zuberoa – these last three in France. Hope that helps.

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