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Sweden: New Head of Delegation talks working with Frans

Sweden have high hopes for Frans!

Mari Ryberger, Sweden’s new Head of Delegation, has given an exclusive interview with SVT in which she discusses her plans to secure Sweden’s second win in a row in Stockholm. Mari will replace Christer Björkman, the country’s previous Head of Delegation, who will be producing this year’s contest. However she is no stranger to Eurovision, having been producing Melodifestivalen since 2010 and being a member of the Swedish delegation since 2012.

Ryberger discusses her involvement with this year’s Swedish entry, Frans’ ‘If I Were Sorry’, and stresses that little of the staging will change from the original Melodifestivalen staging. Whilst she hinted that the performance will be adapted for the Eurovision stage, the show will remain simple as it is important for Frans’ charm to come across to Europe.

Ryberger also claimed that, given Frans’ age, it is important to relieve as much pressure on him as possible to ensure that the Eurovision experience does not become too overwhelming. It is also important, she says, that the contest is being held on home turf this year, for Frans will have greater support from the home crowd. Most importantly, Mari stressed in the interview that Sweden’s victory last year does not mean that SVT are not aiming high this year. Could Sweden’s 6th victory be imminent?

Source: SVT

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