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Record breaking contest according to TVM
Record breaking contest according to TVM

TVM has appeared to reveal that a total of 18 countries will compete in the 14th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

TVM the host broadcaster of Junior Eurovision 2016 has revealed that 18 countries will be competing in this years contest. Furthermore the venue for the contest will be the Mediterranean Conference Center which has been the venue for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest for a number of years.

If 18 countries do take to the stage on November 20th then it will be the largest Junior Eurovision Song Contest hosted since 2004. To date five countries have confirmed they will participate they are; the host nation of Malta, Albania, Bulgaria, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Source: TVM

4 thoughts on “JESC’16: 18 Countries To Compete”

  1. This could be participation list if you ask me;
    – Australia
    – Sweden (fingers crossed)
    – Spain
    – Norway
    – France
    – Malta
    – Slovenia
    – Serbia
    – Montenegro
    – Italy
    – Albania
    – Ireland
    – Netherlands
    – Bulgaria
    – Russia
    – Ukraine
    – Armenia
    – Georgia

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