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Bosnia & Herzegovina: Almir Ajanović Withdraws From Bosnian Delegation

Bosnia & Herzegovina will still be in Stockholm
Bosnia & Herzegovina will still be in Stockholm

Almir Ajanović the writer of this years Bosnian entry has officially announced via BHRT that he is no longer part of the Bosnian delegation for this years contest.

Almir Ajanović has withdrawn from the delegation after a fight which occurred two days ago where he hit other members of this years participants from Bosnia. In a statement placed online this afternoon by BHRT he says that:

All I can do is to apologize to people that I hurt, and as is usually the case, most often hurt those who are nearest and dearest. To apologize to you with BHRT, you have put everything you can at this point objectively in this project. And most importantly, to apologize to the citizens of this country in the hope that this will not affect our performance in Stockholm.

BHRT said based on a report filed by the Bosnian police that the representatives of Bosnia were in no way the initiators of the incident in which Almir hit members of the team and thus will still be going to Stockholm.

Source: BHRT

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