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Slovakia: “Eurovision is an attractive Project”

Max Jason Mai represented Slovakia in 2012

RTVS the Slovak national broadcaster has spoken to German website about the Eurovision Song Contest.

Slovakia last participated in the contest in 2012 and is one of a handful of countries to have never made it to the final during the semi final era. The broadcaster explained that non-participation in the contest is not down to a string of poor results but down to the cost involved in participating.

Juraj Kadáš told that:

RTVS has its own programming strategy and our first priority is to put all the resources available on our own TV production. Admittedly, the Eurovision song Contest is an interesting and attractive project, but its implementation would have to go hand in hand with additional associated financial resources that are currently unavailable.

RTVS told the website that they will discuss participation in the 2017 contest later this year.


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