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Israel Calling begins today
Israel Calling begins today

The first day of the three day “Israel Calling” Eurovision preview event gets underway today in Israel.

“Israel Calling” will take place over three days, today and Wednesday will see the artists visting the sites of Israel. The event is supported by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Tel Aviv Municipality, who recognize the importance of such an event, beginning with its influence on the inbound tourism to Israel, as well as its contribution to Israel’s PR.  During their visit, the artists will tour Tel Aviv and its attractive sites, dine in its finest restaurants, and participate in a special reception, where they will walk the red carpet to a gala event, hosted by Tel Aviv’s mayor, Mr. Ron Huldai, the ambassadors of the represented countries, VIP’s and artists.

Tomorrow night will see the highlight of this visit. A live show will take place in the Theatre Club (Ha’teatron), where the artists will perform their entries for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The event is closed to invitation only.

Attending the event are:

  • Albania – Eneda Tarifa
  • Austria – Zoe
  • Azerbaijan – Samra
  • Belarus – Ivan
  • Bulgaria – Poli Genova
  • Estonia – Juri Pootsmann
  • Finland – Sandhja
  • France – Amir
  • Hungary – Freddie
  • Israel – Hovi Star
  • Latvia – Justs
  • Lithuania – Donny Montell
  • Moldova – Lidia Isac
  • Norway – Agnete
  • Poland – Michal Szpak
  • Romania – Ovidiu Anton
  • Russia – Sergey Lazarev
  • Serbia – Sanja Vucic
  • Slovenia – ManuElla
  • Spain – Barei
  • Switzerland – Rykka
  • United Kingdom – Joe & Jake

Special Guests:

  • Avi Toledano – Israel Eurovision 1982
  • Izhar Cohen – Winner of Eurovision 1978 for Israel
  • – Israel Junior Eurovision 2012
  • Moran Mazor – Israel Eurovision 2013
  • Svika Pick – Composer of “Diva” the winner of Eurovision 1998

Source: Israel Calling

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