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Kosovo: EBU State They Have Not Been Invited To Participate

No invitation for Kosovo
No invitation for Kosovo

The European Broadcasting Union has stated Kosovo has not been invited to participate in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

The statement from the EBU comes after news yesterday reported by Kosovar and Albanian media that RTK had been invited to participate in next years contest. Kosovo has been trying to participate in the contest since their independence in 2008.

Mentor Shala told reporters yesterday that:

Through co-operation we have with the RTSH (Albania), you know that many singers from Kosovo participated in Festivali i Kenges in Albania, there were also times when singers from Kosovo, through FiK went and participated in Eurovizon, we have the case of Rona Nishliu. It is not definitive, but we have been invited to participate in the Eurovision. This year will be decided whether Kosovo will be able to be a participant in Eurovision next year.

Source: EBU

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