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3 thoughts on “Kosovo: Invited To Participate In Eurovision 2017”

  1. I’d love it if there was a way to do it without upsetting Serbia (and anyone else, although realistically quite how much the other countries that don’t recognise them would care in practice I’m not sure about). It’d be a flaunting of the EBU’s own rules again, though, as they’re not Active Members and can’t be unless they become members of the ITU, for which being a UN member is a prerequisite. They’re set to take part in the Olympics this year I believe, anyway.
    I’d love to see Liechtenstein finally take part, too.

  2. Only if EBU braak their own rules like they did with their EBU baby Australia.
    EBU invites countries to take part at Eurovision , and I don t think so that they invite countries to particpate in 2017 one day after final of Eurovision 2016

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