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Australia: Dami Im cleared of product placement allegations

Australia’s entry, ‘Sound of Silence’, has been cleared of the allegations that it violates EBU rules regarding references to commercial products by contest organisers.

Allegations that Australia’s entrant Dami Im was in violation of contest rules arose immediately following the public release of the song. The allegations centred around the second line of the opening verse “Trying to feel your love through face time.” which many considered, given the context of the song being about a partner who is distant, as being an inappropriate to the Apple video messaging software FaceTime. The Australian delegation countered these allegations by saying that the lyrics are about the original definition of the term; face time being up-close contact with a person.

The EBU have cited the official lyrics the Australian delegation submitted as reason for their decision to not require a change as the official lyrics refer to ‘face time’ as being two words, as opposed to the software which is traded under the single name FaceTime.

The rule regarding product placement is seldom invoked, with the most recent usage being the 2014 Belarusian entry required to change their chorus for featuring the product Google Maps.

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