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Moldova: Postcard Filmed For Eurovision 2016

Lidia at the postcard shoot
Lidia at the postcard shoot

The postcard which will be played before Moldova’s performance at this years Eurovision Song Contest has been filmed.

The postcard shoot took place earlier this week and took place at three locations. The venues for the shoot were Observatorul Astrologic din cadrul Universității Politehnice (Astrological Observatory Polytechnic University), Orheiul Vechi, the Poiana Bradului complex and Valea Morilor park. The Observatory was picked due to its link to the title of Lidia Isac’s song “Falling Stars”. The video will now be edited by SVT and will play before Lidia’s performance in May.

Lidia Isac and the rest of her delegation are currently working on securing sponsorship to help cover the costs of her performance and getting to the contest this may.


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