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Bosnia & Herzegovina: Outfits Decided For Eurovision 2016

Deen working with fashion designer Tom Rebl

The male half of this years Eurovision participants from Bosnia & Herzegovina today held their first dress rehearsal in their outfits for this May’s contest.

Deen and Jala are being dressed by the well-known fashion designer Tom Rebl. The designer came to Bosnian Capital Sarajevo to work with Deen and Jala and decide the outfits that the two will be wearing on stage at the 61st Eurovision Song Contest.

Deen told BHRT that:

I am very happy and honored that Tom agreed to come to Sarajevo and assist us in determining the stage set for our performance at the Eurovision Song Contest. Through college, I ended up in Milan, I had the opportunity to meet many great and talented people. One of them is Tom Rebl, with whom I hold many years of friendship and business cooperation, which will continue through Eurovision. I really like his fashion expression and the fact that his work is based exclusively on men’s fashion. Tom’s maximum focus is on the appearance of younger men who want to be trendy and yet different.

Tom Rebl is working alongside the Creative Director for the Bosnian performance Haris Pašović. Bosnia & Herzegovina are being represented by Deen & Dalal feat Ana Rucner and Jala.

Source: BHRT

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