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Belarus: Ivan Plans To Perform Naked

The wolves will most likely not be in Stockholm

IVAN (Alexander Ivanov) is planning to perform his song “Help You Fly” naked at this years contest in Stockholm.

The singer is wanting to perform naked and joined by two wolves on stage in Stockholm. The request for the two wolves will be declined due to rules prohibiting the use of live animals on stage at the contest. Viktor Drobysh who wrote this years song for Belarus told the press that:

Each person identifies himself with a sort of spirit animal. […] We want everyone to feel this fine line between man and nature.

Source: Life News

3 thoughts on “Belarus: Ivan Plans To Perform Naked”

  1. I agree with becca. I wish he will at least wear some underwear… On the other hand, this could make him qualify.

  2. It will be great to see Ivan absolutely naked. His producer promised that everything will be decent and the audience will not see the most intimate parts of Ivan’s body. Though I am not against seeing the whole of Ivan – he is so attractive

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