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Norway: Agnete To Go On 13 Country Tour Ahead of Eurovision

Agnete is touring Europe ahead of May

Agnete is to visit 13 countries ahead of this years Eurovision Song Contest to promote her song “Icebreaker”.

Agenete won Melodi Grand Prix last month and is now one of the favourites to win the contest this May in Stockholm. Ahead of the contest the official music video for the song will be filmed, the release is scheduled for April 15. Furthermore a total of five different versions of the song will be recorded.

It was also revealed that Agnete’s promotion will in part be financed by the local municipality she is from in Norway. Nesseby will be funding her promotion with 75,000 NOK, the municipality views Agenete’s participation as an opportunity to promote itself and the surrounding region to the rest of Europe.

Agnete’s tour of Europe is set to take her to a number of preview events including the London Eurovision Party and Eurovision in Concert. She will also be promoting her song in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Britain, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Romania, Poland, Greece and France.


1 thought on “Norway: Agnete To Go On 13 Country Tour Ahead of Eurovision”

  1. Bizarre. Agnete is not listed (yet?) as singing at the Latvia party on 2 April which is televised and which Latvia is in their semifinal. Not sure what she’s doing in Spain and France, neither of whom can vote in her semifinal and neither of whom have big parties that the world will be watching (Spain’s one coincides with Latvia’s and Latvia’s has much bigger international cache, Spain’s one is for the local OGAE).

    Also, 15 April is very late for the official video. The video compilation will have already been sent out to loads of TV channels, it’ll probably be too late, like Moldova 2009 was where most people saw Nelly & co practising their dance moves in a gymnasium rather than the rather more expensive but very late video.

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