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“Goodbye” has finally been revealed

Following the announcement that Sanja Vučić ZAA will represent Serbia in this year’s contest, her song “Goodbye” was finally revealed tonight in a special reveal show Serbia’s Song for Europe.

“Goodbye”, written by Ivana Peters, will be performed entirely in English. This is the second time in the country’s history in the contest, and second year in a row, that Serbia will perform in English. However a Serbian version of the song, “Iza Osmeha”, has also been recorded.

The song carries a powerful message against domestic violence, as Ivana Peters has revealed:

This song is about destructive love, which turns into a psychological and physical violence at some point. I would like people to recognize it and to start to talk about it. They should not close their eyes. They should react and do something

Meanwhile Sanja has said that:

The initial idea was to make people feel the power of the song and think about its message. (The) Lyrics are quite strong as well. I hope you’ll feel some goosebumps while listening to it

Serbia will compete in the first half of the second semi final on 12th May. Listen to “Goodbye” below:



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