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Jüri wins Eesti Laul with “Play”

Tonight Estonia held their national final for Eurovision 2016. Ten songs competed for the Estonian ticket to Stockholm, but the winner is Jüri Pootsman who will sing the song “Play”. The song was written by Estonia’s 2015 participant, Stig Rästa, along with Fred Krieger and Vallo Kikas.

The final results were:

1. “Play”, Jüri Pootsman

2. “Supersonic”, Laura

3. “Immortality”, Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid

4. “Seis”, Mick Pedaja

5. “Parmupillihullus”, Meisterjaan

6. “Patience”, I Wear* Experiment

7. “Stories Untold”, Grete Paia

8. “Sally”, Go Away Bird

9. “Lonely Boy”, Kéa

10. “Kaugel Sinust”, Kati Laev ja Noorkuu

Estonia will compete in the 2nd half of the 1st semi-final on 10th May.



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