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France: Amir Haddad To Stockholm

France sends a radio hit to Sweden

France 2, the French Eurovision broadcaster, has just confirmed the rumours that Amir Haddad will indeed represent the country at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contets in Stockholm.

Amir Haddad became famous after reaching the final of “The Voice of France” in 2014. His Eurovision entry “J’ai cherché” (I searched for) is already a hit among many French radio stations. It was composed and written by Amir, Nazim Khaled and Johan Erramia and contains also English lyrics in the chorus of the song. He was quoted saying

I am so proud and flattered to represent my country, France, at this epic song contest that celebrates all cultures of the large European family. I watch the Eurovision Song Contest every year. It was my childhood dream to participate in the show. Trust me, I will give more than I can to make everyone proud of our performance

He will take part in the Grand Final on May 14th as France is part of the so-called Big Five. You can listen to the song below (the song will have to be cut down to three minutes length later on):

Source: France 2

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