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“Blue And Red”, the colours of the Slovenian flag

Evrovizijska Melodija (EMA), the Slovenian national final, has come to an end with ManuElla winning the superfinal against Raiven in a very close race with 127 votes between the two finalists. These ten acts took part tonight:

  • Anja Baš – What If
  • Žan Serčič – Summer Story
  • Anja Kotar – Too Cool
  • Sani Di EGO – Brez tebe
  • D Base – Spet živ
  • Regina – Alive in Every Way
  • ManuElla – Blue and Red
  • Raiven – Črno bel
  • Nuša Derenda – Tip Top
  • Sebastijan Lukovnjak – Tales of Tomorrow

Tonight’s jury panel consisted of Raay, Darja Švajger and one of Sestre’s member, Tomaž (Marlenna) and chose the two super finalists while the televoters decided that ManuElla would win the show. She took part at the German casting show “Das Supertalent” and tried to represent Slovenia in 2012. She will participate in the 2nd half of the 2nd semi final on May 12th.

Source: RTVSlo

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