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Agnete is off to Stockholm

Norway has selected Agnete to represent them at the 61st edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden.

The final tonight saw 10 artists competing for the public’s votes all vying to represent Norway in May. The selection as took place in two rounds, in the first round the public selected four singers to compete in the “Gold Final”. The “Gold Final” saw the public vote again, where they selected Agnete with “Icebreaker” to go to Stockholm.

The running order is as follows:

  1. The Hungry Hearts feat. Lisa Dillan – Laika
  2. Stage Dolls – Into The Fire
  3. Stine Hole Ulla – Trace
  4. Makeda – Stand Up
  5. Pegasus – Anyway
  6. Freddy Kalas – Feel Da Rush
  7. Laila Samuels – Afterglow
  8. Elouiz – History
  9. Suite 16 – Anna Lee
  10. Agnete – Icebreaker

Through to the super final were:

  1. Laila Samuels – Afterglow – 4th
  2. Suite 16 – Anna Lee – 3rd
  3. Agnete – Icebraker – 1st
  4. Freddy Kalas – Feel Da Rush – 2nd

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