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San Marino: EBU Responds To San Marino’s Rules Complaint

EBU responds to SMRTV
EBU responds to SMRTV

The European Broadcasting Union has issued a statement to Eurovision Ireland regarding San Marino’s statement that the new voting rules are “unacceptable”.

Today the Director General of the San Marinese national broadcaster released a statement regarding the changes to the voting rules. The statement argued that the new changes made by the EBU show that “small states again are discriminated against with regard to the vote”. Furthermore the Director General said that “It is unbearable that certain decisions are simply communicated and not shared with the involved broadcasters”.

Dave Goodman the Senior Communications Officer at the European Broadcasting Union told Eurovision Ireland that:

We have, to date, not been approached by SMRTV. We are of course interested to hear their view and to further clarify the new voting format. We would like to reiterate that this decision was taken by the Reference Group and the TV Committee, in line with agreed procedures.

The statement means that the following broadcasters were consulted regarding the rule changes:

  • Austria – ORF (Reference Group Member)
  • Czech Republic – CT
  • Denmark – DR (Reference Group Member)
  • Finland – YLE
  • France – France Televisions
  • Germany – ARD
  • Hungary – MTV
  • Ireland – RTE
  • Italy – RAI (Reference Group and TV Committee Member)
  • Morocco – SNRT
  • Netherlands – NPO & AVROTROS (Reference Group and TV Committee Member)
  • Slovenia – RTVSLO (Reference Group and TV Committee Member)
  • Spain – RTVE
  • Sweden – SVT (Reference Group and TV Committee Member)
  • Switzerland – RTS
  • United Kingdom – BBC

SMRTV has not yet responded to the statement from the EBU.

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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