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Bosnia & Heregovina: Reveal Rehearsals Held

Rehearsal held ahead of Friday's reveal
Rehearsal held ahead of Friday’s reveal

Rehearsals were held yesterday and today in Sarajevo ahead of the Bosnian song reveal on Friday evening.

Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner & Jala are representing Bosnia & Herzegovina at this years contest in Stockholm, having been internally selected by BHRT for the contest. Tonight Marija Šerifović will be recording her section of the reveal show at the Sarajevo City Hall, the performance will be aired during the reveal show on Friday.

Also at the rehearsals was Almir Ajanović who wrote this years Bosnian entry, he told BHRT that:

Everything about this song is flowing smoothly. Since its creation, on how they Dalal and Deen ‘find’ in it, but to how they fit into the story Ana Rucner and Jasmin Fazlic Jala. I am very pleased and, I have to be emotional, so to say I’m happy and that song sounds in the final. I think that all generations can find something in it, both in music and the message it sends.

The title of the song has not yet been revealed, however it was announced that it will be performed in Bosnian and has been recorded in other languages.

Source: BHRT


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