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Poland: Edyta Gorniak to compete in national final

Edyta Górniak will compete in the Polish national final

The Polish singer, who was the first representative for Poland in 1994 with her ballad “To Nie Ja!” has announced via a radio interview today that she will compete in the forthcoming Polish national final, “Krajowe Eliminacje 2016” which will take place on 5th March. The song she will sing will be entitled “Grateful”.

Edyta performed her strong vocal ballad “To Nie Ja!” (“It wasn’t me”) back in 1994 when she came second; Poland’s best ever placing in the Eurovision Song Contest with 166 points. The only other instance where Poland reached the top 10 in the contest was in 2003 with Ich Troje and the ballad “Keine Grenzen-Żadnych granic” (“No borders”).

Edyta Gorniak – To Nie Ja! (“It wasn’t me!”) at Eurovision Song Contest Dublin 1994


Ich Troje – Keine Grenzen-Żadnych granic” (“No borders”) at Eurovision Song Contest Riga 2003.

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