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The Netherlands: Group To Junior Eurovision 2016

No solo singers for 2016
No solo singers for 2016

A group will be representing the Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 as the Netherlands changes their approach to the contest.

AVROTROS has opened the application window for Junior Songfestival 2016 announcing that they are looking for a group to represent the Netherlands. The group will be formed to represent the country at Junior Eurovision 2016, it is not known if this process will be taking place internally or by a televised selection process.

Applications close on May 1st, apply here.


6 thoughts on “The Netherlands: Group To Junior Eurovision 2016”

  1. Will there even be a Junior Eurovision this year? Only one country have so far confirmed participation…

    1. Two countries ( The Netherlands and Bulgaria ) have confirmed participation, and most countries are focussing on adult eurovision now, so that is why no countries are confirming participation.

    1. Also they are changing the executive supervisor this year as Vladislav Yakovlev has decided to leave the roll. So there is no executive supervisor for countries to negotiate with.

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