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Will Theo win over Switzerland?
Will Theo win over Switzerland?

It’s 10 days to go until Switzerland selects their participant for Stockholm and we caught up with Theo. Theo is the participant from the RSI selection and will be hoping to take “Because You Can” to the 61st Eurovision Song Contest.

Firstly, can you tell us a bit more about yourself, and how you got into music?

Well, I’m 21 years old, born in Lugano, grew up between Swiss and Italy (where I did my primary schools) and now I’m doing an apprenticeship as a multi media technician. Music s a fundamental part of my life since I was born, because of my family, that’s a “musical family” (my father is a musical journalist and a promoter, my mother was he owner of a record label, my brother is a musician and sound engineer, and my sister also sing…). So it was easy for me grow up between the notes. I start singing when I was a child, I started play guitar when I was 10….

Who are your music influences?

It’s very difficult to find a real influence, cause I listen all styles of music, from classical to hip hop, from rock to jazz. At home we have more than 8000 records, so it was (and is still) easy for me listen what I want, trying to keep something from all the artists. And there’s not a favorite style, it depends from the daily mode. There are days that I preference pop, other I like rock, when I need relax I listen Mozart… But if I have to indicate a model, I say Beatles: I think in their music there’s the best of the last century…

You were selected for Die Entscheidungsshow through the broadcaster RSI. Can you tell us a little bit more about that process and how you were selected?

I send in September my song to the RSI (the Swiss national tv), where a jury choose three songs, from the 40 that participate at the selection. Than we went to Zürich where we had another selection and another jury choose the six who will participate to the final. And I’m one of them: I’m very lucky and very proud to be here…

You will be singing “Because of you” at Die Entscheidungsshow. Can you tell us a bit more about your song?

In the beginning it what’s a love song dedicate to a girl, but after became a song dedicate to all the person very important in your life, lovers, friends, parents… To all the people who allow you to be what you are. Cause your personality, you life, you feelings, are not created by yourself, there are many persons that help you to become who you are, and sometimes you don’t understand how much they are important. “Because of you” it’s a thanksgiving to them.

Can you give us an insight into how you will present your song on stage?

In a very simple way, as I am. I will sing bringing my guitar, with a casual outfit and I will be on the stage with two backing singer (Paul and Leila) that will help me with the choir.

Can you tell us who your favourite songs and artists are from the history of the Eurovision Song Contest?

Abba, Celine Dion (that gave to Swiss the last victory), but I think that in every edition you can find great artists, that sometimes are not the winners…

How would it feel to represent Switzerland at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm?

Well, for me is a big goal to be in Kreuzlingen, is a great opportunity to show my music to a big audience. If I will be lucky and I will go to Stockholm, I’ll try, as usual to do my best, cause I will be there not only for me but for my country. As an ambassador, and I’ll try to show Europe that Swiss is a land that create not only good chocolate, but also good music!

Thank you Theo for spending some time with us at Eurovoix in answering our questions. We wish you all the best of luck for Die Entscheidungsshow on 13th February! Take a listen to his song below:

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