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Bosnia & Herzegovina: Song Will Be Performed In Bosnian

Song to be revealed 2nd half of February
Song to be revealed 2nd half of February

Lejla A. Babović the Head of Delegation for Bosnia & Herzegovina has informed that the countries Eurovision entry will be performed in Bosnian.

Bosnia & Herzegovina are being represented by Deen, Dalal and Ana who were internally selected to represent the country in Stockholm. The song for the contest has already been recorded however a title for the song has yet to be decided, two names are a possibility at the minute. The music is written by Deen, Dalal, Ana and Almir Ajanović, while the lyrics were co-written by Jasmin Fazlić. The group is also joined by singer Zuzi Zu.

The presentation of the song will take place in the second half of February on BHT 1, it has already been confirmed that Maya Sar the countries 2012 participant will be at the reveal.


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