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Serhat will be representing San Marino

San Marino has announced this morning that Serhat will be representing them at the 61st Eurovision Song Contest.

Serhat (Ahmet Serhat Hacıpaşalıoğlu) will take to the stage in Stockholm as San Marino takes part in the contest for the 7th time in their history. The singer is from Turkey and will be the only singer from Turkey to have taken part in Eurovision since the country withdrew in 2012. Serhat had a European hit in 2014 with the song “Je M’adore”, the song charted in Dance charts across the continent for a number of weeks and reached number 1 in Germany. Serhat was also the host of the Turkish version of Jeopardy for 12 years.

Serhat said that:

I am very glad to be able to share with you with the very first announcement about our participation. I’m in good hands thanks to all the team. Why Eurovision? Why not? It really is the biggest platform for any artist to perform. It can be a very good opportunity to promote yourself to Europe.

He went on to say that:

After we finish the production will be decide which language will work best for the song. For sure there will be an Italian version.

Asked why he is representing San Marino:

I like challenges and this is a challenge. I believe there are no borders, nationalities don’t play a big part especially in music. My destiny, everyone has a destiny in life. All the things were in the right places, they came all together and here I am. I would like to underline this is a big challenge and responsibility, it’s unusual, it’s not easy. I am very glad, it gives me a big big energy.

His link to Eurovision:

I was very young, 1974 when I first watched Eurovision, when ABBA won. From that year on I watched the contest, I was at the contest three times watching from the audience. It is a very interesting energy. It’s unique, the idea first of all and then the development and what it has achieved. I think I have a general knowledge of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Recipe to win Eurovision:

There is no recipe for anything. It depends on the time, you have to find the right song for that year. Sometimes some songs appeared on the stage earlier than they could have, they would have had a better chance 10 years later. The song has to have an international flavor, you have to be unique in your style, you have to be real on stage.

Bringing back Turkey to Eurovision:

The Turkish people would like to see the country back on stage, but this is the decision of the Turkish broadcaster not to participate. If I can do something for that, the Turkish fans will be supporting me well. I would like to see Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest.

San Marino debuted in the contest back in 2008 with the band Miodio and has gone on to be represented by Senit, Valentina Monetta, Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini. Valentina Monetta represented the Most Serene Republic of San Marino from 2012 to 2014, in 2014 she took the country to their first final with the song “Maybe”.

Listen to his 2014 hit below:

Source: SMRTV

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