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5 thoughts on “Montenegro: Highway To Sing In English”

  1. Well, “Euro Neuro” was a joke and sung in english made the whole thing even worse… “Just Get Out Of My Life” was good, but montenegrin is such a beautiful language… Anyway, I think we’ll see Montenegro in the final if they can sing, dance and deliver a memorable show. 🙂 ??

  2. Tbh, I don’t get the change. They had their best 2 results in the last 2 years! Let’s hope they’ll qualify again this year.

  3. Why they want to sing in English? Previous year I like song from Montenegro (Knez “Adio”), mostly because it was sung in most beautiful lanuage – Serbocroatian (call it Montenegrin, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian or find a new name, it doesn’t matter). Fortunately Croatia and Bosnia are coming back, there is also Serbia, maybe at least one of this countries will use this language.

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