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Montenegro: Highway To Sing In English

Montenegro returns to English for the first time since 2012
Montenegro returns to English for the first time since 2012

Highway will be performing their songs in English at the 61st Eurovision Song Contest.

The confirmation comes from band member Marko Pešić who confirmed to that they will be performing their entry in English. Montenegro last performed in English at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest where Rambo Amadeus performed “Euro Neuro”.

Marko Pešić  added that the song is still being worked on and should be ready by the end of February. The reveal of the song is expected to take place at the end of February or the start of March and will take place on a special show.


5 thoughts on “Montenegro: Highway To Sing In English”

  1. Well, “Euro Neuro” was a joke and sung in english made the whole thing even worse… “Just Get Out Of My Life” was good, but montenegrin is such a beautiful language… Anyway, I think we’ll see Montenegro in the final if they can sing, dance and deliver a memorable show. 🙂 ??

  2. Tbh, I don’t get the change. They had their best 2 results in the last 2 years! Let’s hope they’ll qualify again this year.

  3. Why they want to sing in English? Previous year I like song from Montenegro (Knez “Adio”), mostly because it was sung in most beautiful lanuage – Serbocroatian (call it Montenegrin, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian or find a new name, it doesn’t matter). Fortunately Croatia and Bosnia are coming back, there is also Serbia, maybe at least one of this countries will use this language.

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