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Russia: Sergey Lazarev To Stockholm

The Russian participant

Without any indications, RTR of Russia has revealed who will represent the country in Stockholm: It’s Sergey Lazarev!

Lazarev was rumoured to participate in the contest for Russia during the last few years but it never emerged to be true until today. The news of his participation were revealed during the First Annual Music Awards this evening. He was born in 1983 and rose to fame as a member of the band Smash!! he founded together with Vlad Topalov in 2001, the band had huge success in the following years in Russia and former USSR countries, but also in South East Asia. They split up in 2004 and he continued as a solo artist, selling a total of 300,000 copies of his first album “Don’t be fake”. With his single “Flyer”, Sergey Lazarev reached a fourth place in the 2008 Russian preselection.

Russia has chosen its participant and song internally every year since 2013, achieving three Top Ten and two Top Five results.

Source: ESCkaz

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