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Vladislav at Junior Eurovision 2013

Vladislav Yakovlev the Executive Supervisor for Eurovision Young Dancers, Eurovision Young Musicians and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest has been fired this morning by the European Broadcasting Union.

Vladislav Yakovlev had joined the EBU in 2010 having been the Deputy Executive Supervisor for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia and was first put in charge of reviving Eurovision Young Dancers in 2011 after the format was abandoned in 2007. The contest was successfully revived and has since been held three times under Vladislav’s control with 10 countries competing in every event. In 2012 following the success of Young Dancers, Mr Yakovlev was placed in charge of Eurovision Young Musicians. He supervised the 2012 and 2014 events and had been working on promoting the 2016 Eurovision Young Musicians contest and Eurovision Young Dancers 2017.

In 2013 Vladislav was then placed in charged of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest which had been steadily declining in size from 2007. Junior Eurovision 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine saw a total of 12 countries competing, for 2014 in Malta the contest then increased further in size to 16 countries and this years contest in Bulgaria was the second largest ever held with 17 countries taking to the stage.

Mr Yakovlev posted a video to Facebook this morning announcing that he had been fired. In the video Mr Yakovlev says as follows:

Until today I was the Executive Supervisor for Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision Young Dancers and Eurovision Young Musicians on behalf of the European Broadcasting Union. I was fired today. I was fired because I dared to question the tender procedure, I dared to question where and how the EBU members funds are being used and many other questions to my direct management about their acts to the Eurovision events. Under these circumstances I don’t see any possibility for an honest and healthy development of the Eurovision event.

I would like to thank everyone I worked with, my special thanks got to the EBU members, to all the delegations, to the press members, to fans, to my brilliant web team and of course to my core team, Kath and Luke, you made a fantastic job and I am joining you now in your state of unemployment.

You can watch the full statement below on YouTube:

The EBU has released a statement regarding the departure of Vladislav Yakovlev it reads:

Upon the arrival of a new EBU Media Director in 2015 it was decided to restructure the way in which the department is organized to consolidate and safeguard the EBU’s key brands in the long term. In recent weeks Vladislav Yakovlev was offered a new role in the Live Events unit which oversees the Eurovision Song Contest, Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision Young Dancers and Eurovision Young Musicians events. Unfortunately an agreement couldn’t be reached on this new role. Vlad has been valued member of the EBU staff since 2010 and the EBU would like to thank him for his work.

5 thoughts on “EBU: Vladislav Yakovlev Fired By The EBU”

  1. This is horrible! Mr Yakovlev has been the best supervisor of all times! This is unbelievable! 🙁

  2. I’m glad he stood up for what he thought was right. There is nothing wrong with questioning! I’m so upset… Vlad did an increadibly good job to the JESC, he made the contest grow and get reborn. He made countries such as Bulgaria and Croatia return. He made Italy, Slovenia, Ireland, Montenegro and Australia debut. I wish Vlad the best.

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