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France: 280 Songs Submitted For Eurovision 2016

Amandine represented France in 2013

A total of 280 songs were submitted to France Televisions for Eurovision 2016 it has been announced today.

Nathalie André, Head of Entertainment at France 2 has confirmed that 280 songs have been submitted to France Televisions for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. She went on to say in an interview with that there are four songs which the broadcaster is focusing on for next years contest in Stockholm. Furthermore she said that it is very likely that the song for 2016 will include some English in the lyrics or the title. Mrs André added that there is a reluctance in France from established record labels to submit songs in for the contest saying just 10% of them see the possibilities brought up by 200 million viewers.

France will be internally selecting their participant for Eurovision 2016.


1 thought on “France: 280 Songs Submitted For Eurovision 2016”

  1. So only 28 of the songs were from established record labels?

    It’s good to see France have 4 key songs in mind – all different genre I hope. What would be good is if they had a NF for these 4 songs. But alas, it’s not to be.

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