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France: Eurovision 2016 Semi Finals To Be Broadcast On France 4

More Changes In France For 2016
More Changes In France For 2016

It has been confirmed today that France Televisions will be broadcasting both semi finals on France 4 for 2016.

In previous years France Televisions has opted to only broadcast the semi final in which France votes. Furthermore the channel that will be broadcasting the semi final has been moved from France Ô to France 4 which should help to boost viewing figures of the contest in France. Nathalie André the Head of Entertainment at France 2 said in regards to broadcasting both semi finals that:

I would have liked it to be already the case in 2015,

France will be selecting their participant for Eurovision 2016 internally, they did hold an open submissions process for the contest next year.


2 thoughts on “France: Eurovision 2016 Semi Finals To Be Broadcast On France 4”

  1. French are very very happy. That is the start of a big change for France at Eurovision. We have many hope for Stockholm 2016 !

  2. That’s the way whom I wanted them to act => They’ll be able to promote the French singers at Eurovision in many many ways, and French people must see the performances of the different singers in Eurovision in order to make them more… aware of this contest. 🙂

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