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Czech Republic: Participant Announcement February

Participation Announcement In February
Participation Announcement In February

According to the Czech Republic will announce their participant for Eurovision 2016 in February.

It has already been confirmed that once again the Czech Republic will be using an internal selection to select their singer or singers for next years contest. The Czech Republic last week announced a new Head of Delegation, Jan Bors, in an interview with Czech media he said:

Last year showed how important factor is choosing the right song and the right personality.In this respect, last year’s model has proven to be a key selection of music and therefore we plan to do the same. Currently we report authors send their music and songs, for which we thank and appreciate the fact that in our country, although this would not have ever seem Eurovision Song Contest has its weight. Now I just hope that they will choose the best and go to Sweden with the fact that we have a chance to succeed.

The Czech Republic will be aiming to qualify for their first final in 2016.


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