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Who Will Open The Show?
Who Will Open The Show?

The running order for the 13th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest has been revealed.

The running order draw took place earlier this evening behind closed doors. The draw was done by the singers with Bulgaria first selecting the position from 1-17 of where they will perform. The remaining delegations then pulled out a random second or first half.

Here is the order:

  1. Serbia
  2. Georgia
  3. Slovenia
  4. Italy
  5. The Netherlands
  6. Australia
  7. Ireland
  8. Russia
  9. FYR Macedonia
  10. Belarus
  11. Armenia
  12. Ukraine
  13. Bulgaria
  14. San Marino
  15. Malta
  16. Albania
  17. Montenegro

6 thoughts on “JESC’15: Running Order Announced”

  1. 1. Serbia – Bad for Serbia, traditionally country no. one is gonna be forgotten… Belarus 2012, Sweden 2013 etc…
    2. Georgia – Although it’s in the beginning it’s good. It’s between all those ballads and might do well…
    3. Slovenia – I’m not sure they will win anylonger, but still it’s quite a good starting position (between the childish entry from Georgia and the silly ballad from Italy).
    4. Italy – Bad starting number for a quite easy forgettable song.
    5. The Netherlands – It’s okay I guess… Might fall cause it’s the third ballad in a row.
    6. Australia – Will Europe stand a fourth ballad in a row? Maybe, maybe not.
    7. Ireland – Already asleep…
    8. Russia – Like Avicci would say: Wake me up when it’s all over.
    9. FYR Macedonia – Europe might start to wake up again… A happy song but quite average (although I think people will accept it cause it’s not a ballad).
    10. Belarus – Sleeping again… Maybe his voice can save it…
    11. Armenia – We’ve started to dance! This is definetley going to be in the top 5!
    12. Ukraine – Well, might be accepted cause of the wake-up during the Armenian song. If not, people will forget it…
    13. Bulgaria – 2015 is not the host country’s year. Austria came last in ESC – and I’m afraid the same thing might happen to Bulgaria…
    14. San Marino – I believe this will be accepted, if her voice is good and if her italian gets better.
    15. Malta – This will be a dance party! If Destiny does a great showing, this could be the winner.
    16. Albania – It’s a catchy lyrics but still a low tempo… People will remember it though I think (if they didn’t fell asleep during Bulgaria’s entry…)
    17. Montenegro – Low tempo… Bad vocals in the music video, what is it going to be live?!

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