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6 thoughts on “JESC’15: Running Order Announced”

  1. 1. Serbia – Bad for Serbia, traditionally country no. one is gonna be forgotten… Belarus 2012, Sweden 2013 etc…
    2. Georgia – Although it’s in the beginning it’s good. It’s between all those ballads and might do well…
    3. Slovenia – I’m not sure they will win anylonger, but still it’s quite a good starting position (between the childish entry from Georgia and the silly ballad from Italy).
    4. Italy – Bad starting number for a quite easy forgettable song.
    5. The Netherlands – It’s okay I guess… Might fall cause it’s the third ballad in a row.
    6. Australia – Will Europe stand a fourth ballad in a row? Maybe, maybe not.
    7. Ireland – Already asleep…
    8. Russia – Like Avicci would say: Wake me up when it’s all over.
    9. FYR Macedonia – Europe might start to wake up again… A happy song but quite average (although I think people will accept it cause it’s not a ballad).
    10. Belarus – Sleeping again… Maybe his voice can save it…
    11. Armenia – We’ve started to dance! This is definetley going to be in the top 5!
    12. Ukraine – Well, might be accepted cause of the wake-up during the Armenian song. If not, people will forget it…
    13. Bulgaria – 2015 is not the host country’s year. Austria came last in ESC – and I’m afraid the same thing might happen to Bulgaria…
    14. San Marino – I believe this will be accepted, if her voice is good and if her italian gets better.
    15. Malta – This will be a dance party! If Destiny does a great showing, this could be the winner.
    16. Albania – It’s a catchy lyrics but still a low tempo… People will remember it though I think (if they didn’t fell asleep during Bulgaria’s entry…)
    17. Montenegro – Low tempo… Bad vocals in the music video, what is it going to be live?!

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