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Cyprus: Minus One Internally Selected For Eurovision

Are Off To Stockholm
Are Off To Stockholm

It has been confirmed this morning that the band Minus One has been internally selected to represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2016.

The Cypriot Head of Delegation confirmed to Eurovision In Concert that Cyprus would be represented by Minus One with a song written by Thomas G:son. Thomas G:son is known for being one of the most prolific writers of Eurovision and national selection songs, having written the 2012 winning Eurovision entry “Euphoria”.

Minus One participated in the Eurovision Song Project last year in Cyprus and made it to the final with the song “Shine”. They finished last on the televote with nearly 75% less votes than the winner John Karyiannis but topped the jury vote.

Source: Eurovision In Concert

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  1. Вы были лучшими! Россия с вами.
    You was the best, Russia with you)

    Writer and journalist Elena Kuleshova, Velikiy Novgorod (Novgorod-the-Greate)

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