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Jana Is Representing Montenegro

Montenegro has this morning revealed their song for Junior Eurovision 2015, “Oluja”.

Montenegro will be represented by Jana Mirković who was internally selected by RTCG to represent the country in Sofia, Bulgaria. “Oluja” which means “Storm” is arranged by Vladimir Graić, the music is composed are by Mirsad Serhatlić and the lyrics are written by Boban Novović. Vladimir is most well-known for having written the winning song for Eurovision 2007 “Molitiva”.

Watch the music video below:

4 thoughts on “Montenegro: “Oluja” Released”

  1. My ranking so far:
    1. Australia (12)
    2. Slovenia (10)
    3. Albania (8)
    4. The Netherlands (7)
    5. Ukraine (6)
    6. Belarus (5)
    7. Italy (4)
    8. Serbia (3)
    9. Montenegro (2)
    10. Russia (1)
    11. Armenia (0)
    12. Bulgaria (0)
    13. Macedonia (0)
    14. Georgia (0)
    –. Ireland
    –. Malta
    –. San Marino

  2. so glad we didn’t get another boring ballad to the line up… yeah they’re okay the ballads that are in but most are boring, dated and forgettable, Russia, Italy and The Netherlands been some of the worse.

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