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Lebanon: Not Ruled Out 2016 Participation

Lebanon At Eurovision?
Lebanon At Eurovision?

According to Lebanon has not ruled out participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Lebanese EBU member station Télé Liban has said in an email that:

We are not sure yet, however we are working on it and will keep you updated.

Lebanon were due to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 and had selected singer Aline Lahoud with the song “Quand Tout S’Enfuit”. The country was forced to withdrew when due to Lebanese law they were unable to confirm that they would broadcast the Israeli performance in full which is required by EBU rules. In a statement at the time the EBU said that:

According to Lebanese legislation, Tele Liban is not permitted to broadcast the performance of the Israeli participant, thereby breaching the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005.

The then Head of Télé Liban added that they had not been informed when they signed up for the competition that Israel would be participating in the competition. Further adding that they would not have been allowed to let Lebanese citizens vote for Israel in the competition. Télé Liban were given a fine by the EBU and banned from the competition for three years.

Lebanon was not one of four countries that sent additional delegations to Eurovision 2015 in Vienna who would be eligible to participate in currently or in the future; Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Morocco and Tunisia – More details here.



13 thoughts on “Lebanon: Not Ruled Out 2016 Participation”

    1. Thank you very much for sharing this. I have just written an e-mail because for me Lebanese pop music has awakened a strong interest in the Arabic pop culture and traditional culture at the same time. I told them that I hope by participating in the ESC they’re giving others this beautiful gift of cultural exchange and the possibility to fall in love with Arabic culture just as much as I did.

  1. As always the comments are raining in about “hope we will see them next year!”. But as most of the times they probably won’t participate as Israel’s in it. ? But like Marta and Vaclav said: “Hope never dies”. ?

  2. I doubt they will debu at all, the country doesn’t allow Israeli things at all? But maybe they are trying to get premission from the government to show israeli entry, by showin eurovision and putting “warning” of israeli material people can watch the israeli song etc. or not. could it be? still doubt

  3. I hope that for Eurovision Lebanon takes part and unites with the other countries and Israel for Eurovision week!

  4. All the messages like this “They wont participate for sure Israel is in!
    The millionth hoax” are totally stupid.
    I don’t get why you’re telling us that they won’t participate because Israel has confirmed…
    Tele Liban said that “they’re working on it” which is great compared to the other years…

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