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Portugal Will Not Compete In Stockholm
Portugal Will Not Compete In Stockholm

OGAE Portugal have announced that RTP will not be participating in the 61st Eurovision Song Contest.

Portugal becomes the first country this year to withdraw from participating in next years song contest. The news is disappointing for all involved as Portugal has been one of the longest participating countries in the song contests history.

Dr. José Lopes de Araújo of RTP has already communicated the news to the EBU. The channel has said that it will be undergoing restructuring and hopes that it will return to the competition in 2017. Portugal previously withdrew from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 due to financial issues facing the channel.

Source: OGAE Portugal

15 thoughts on “Portugal: Withdraws From Eurovision 2016”

    1. Heh well Sweden never votes for Portugal and Portugal always votes for Sweden lol. I guess they are fed up haha

    2. Hey… we (portuguese people) love Sweden, we love all the countries. The portuguese broadcaster seems to hate Sweden, no one knows why. I’m a portuguese eurovision fan and I have no regrets with any country just because they don’t gave us points.
      Unfortunatly RTP (the portuguese broadcaster) is stupid and don’t care about ESC. That is not new for the eurovision fans, and they always lying to us and making primisses, they will never do.

      Good luck for all the participating countries!

      1. I’m glad to hear that. By the way, Portugal is a lovely country, I’ve been there two times and I really want to visit again! ?????

  1. We will be surely watching 40 countries participating this year as Serbia will most likely participate, because they achieced a promising result in the final of 2015. I hope there will be 43 countries if Croatia, Moldova and Turkey also confirm their participation in Stockholm.

        1. They will probably, but for some reason my brain says: Moldova’s not participating. Quite wierd, it is… 🙂

    1. According to the local news in Türkiye, TRT likely won’t be in Sweden. And personally, i don’t think TRT will join unless EBU does not make big changes..

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