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ESC’16: Rumors Of Return From Andorra & Monaco

More Micronations For 2016?
More Micronations For 2016?

Rumors have begun around the possible return of Andorra or Monaco to the Eurovision Song Contest after comments made by the San Marinese Head of Delegation.

Alessandro Capicchioni in an interview on the SMTV website said when asked what he wanted to see at the next Eurovision Song Contest:

Well, we feel a little ‘alone, I would return other small states. It would be nice to get back Monaco, Andorra or, for example. It will not be easy, but I think not impossible. I have the feeling that one of them might perhaps …

Andorra last participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 and has ruled out a return to the competition every year since due to the financial implications on the broadcaster. The broadcaster earlier in the year ruled out participation in the contest, however the Czech Republic in 2014 ruled out a return only to announce their return in the autumn.

While Monaco has shown little interest in returning since their last participation in 2006. The country returned from 2004-2006 but withdrew after a string of poor results that saw the country miss out on the final. The country was close to a return in 2009 after talking to the EBU about a return but in the end did not participate.

For both countries this could be one of the cheapest contests to return too in a number of years with the total cost of the event matching that of 2013. The 2013 was the lowest budget competition since the 2007 Song Contest in Helsinki, Finland.

The deadline for countries to confirm their participation in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest is October 10.


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