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France: Edoardo Grassi New Head of Delegation

New Head Of Delegation For France

France 2 have today revealed their new Head of Delegation for the Eurovision Song Contest, Edoardo Grassi.

France are now the third country this year to change their Head of Delegation following Norway and Germany. Mr Grassi takes over the role from the former Head of Delegation, Frederic Valencak who had been in charge of French participation in the contest since the 2013 contest in Malmo, Sweden.

In the past year a lot has changed regarding French participation, in the summer of 2014 it was announced the competition would be moved from France 3 to France 2, this was too boost interest and change the direction of French fortunes in the competition. France 3 had been in charge of the competition from 1999 until 2014.

It is not known yet how France will select their participant for Eurovision 2015, whether they will use an internal selection or use a televised selection process.

Source: France 2

3 thoughts on “France: Edoardo Grassi New Head of Delegation”

  1. Dear Mr Grassi, I write to you regarding song entries for the French Eurovision song selection. Last year I considered entering with a well known French female artist, but when I spoke to Sony-EMI in the UK and Paris they declined to get involved because the TV Company, which produces the show, demanded 50% of the songwriter’s publishing royalties, which is disgraceful. These Mafia type tactics (If you want your song on the show we want 50%) I think is shameful and not in the spirit of Eurovision. I have represented the UK four times and I love the universal spirit and dedication of the writers and artists, and so I urge you sir to please stop this practice of taking songwriters royalties, it is so unfair and unbecoming for such a global event loved by millions world-wide. Thank you. Paul Michael curtis

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