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ESC’16: Big 5 & Sweden Will Perform In The Semi Finals

Changes For 2016
Changes For 2016

It has been revealed this morning that the Big Five and the Host Nation will now perform in the semi final, but will remain prequalified for the final.

SVT has revealed that these performances in the semi final will be a video made up of rehearsal clips instead of the previously used music video clips. They also added that the draw for the semi finals will take place in January.

The Big Five and Host nation will be performing in the semi final in which they are allocated to vote, this means that Germany will be performing in the second semi final, the other countries will be decided at a draw next year. Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest said that:

It will look so much better to show the Big Five and the host country on the Eurovision Song Contest stage, performing their act as it will be in the Grand Final. More rehearsal time means better performances and a better TV show, since the production crew has more time to get acquainted with the act.

The Big Five and Host nation will now have to arrive in the host country a couple of days earlier than normal so that they can rehearse for the semi finals.

It has long been argued that the Big Five and Host nation were at a disadvantage having only been seen to perform in the final and not the semi final, unlike countries that had to qualify for the final through the semi finals.


3 thoughts on “ESC’16: Big 5 & Sweden Will Perform In The Semi Finals”

  1. If I were to decide the pre-qualified countries should be peforming in the end when all songs that you could vote for has been peformed. Otherwise it would be a total mess in the recaps…

  2. This whole big 5-thing is not good. Countries such as Andorra and Czech Republic is failing year after year in the semis, but the UK and France can send crappy songs beacuse they don’t have to worry about failing. Why don’t the EBU allocate the big 5 into the semi finals? Of course not, beacuse it’s all about money. Shame on you!

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