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Lena Stamenković chosen internally for Serbia

Today, the Serbian broadcaster RTS have selected Lena Stamenković internally as their representative for the forthcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Sofia, Bulgaria.

She will sing ‘Lenina Pesma’, which translates into English as “Lena’s song” and is co-written by Lena and Leontina Vukomanović. The song will be composed and orchestrated by Dušan Alagić. The song will be released in due course.

Lena is 11 years old and participated in the talent competition “Pinkove zvezdice”, where she earned a highly respectable fourth place in the series.

Serbia have participated 7 times in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and once as Serbia and Montenegro in 2005. Their highest position they have reached is 3rd in 2007 and 2010. Last year, Emilija Đonin represented Serbia with the pop-ballad “Svet u mojim očima” (World in My Eyes) and achieved 61 points and placed 10th in Malta.

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